Peter Lamborn WIlson's Anarchist Ephemera PDF

By Peter Lamborn WIlson

ISBN-10: 1620490706

ISBN-13: 9781620490709

While Peter Lamborn Wilson despatched us the pile of paper that at last grew to become this ebook (and the non secular sequence) shall we now not were extra thrilled. Peter has been a writing desktop for many years and it'd be effortless to overlook out at the type of writing that he likes most sensible. Punchy, idiosyncratic manifestos (of a sort). This number of Peter's Anarchist Ephemera is stuffed with center and astute observations.

All plans for "saving the realm" eventually leisure at the assumption that humanity needs to suffer a transformation of center. the anomaly here's that if this modification have been to happen, no plans will be had to result in a "different world." The swap of center, the several realization, will be in itself the very shift in course, the Reversion to human and non secular values required for "salvation." break the machinic brain and there'd be no use to ruin the particular machines.

LBC Books is an anarchist press owned and run through Aragorn Moser. it's the mother or father label for merciless Hospice, Ardent Press, Repartee, Pistols Drawn, and eco-friendly Anarchist Press.

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Coins may seem to regain their innocence when they are spent rather than hoarded, but in fact just at this moment they betray us by leaving us and never returning. In the end, all coins end up in the usurer's vault. Money is already debt. It says so on the US $1 bill, that encyclopedia of Hermetic imagery and secret doctrine of money. Jack never really wins Jack's triumph lies not in the " ever after," but only in a moment that is forever remembered and invoked as lost. Obviously Jack never really wins, otherwise we wouldn't call these stories fairy tales and relegate them to the nursery, the savage pre-monetary world of mere childhood.

W Poem & pomology-false etymology or proto-Indo-European ha-ha? 37 The small-k kabbalist relishes a poemogranate from the garden in Grenada. Vavilov (later denounced by Lysenko, dies in Gulag) discovers Eden somewhere in Kazakhstan not far from the genetic epicenter of hemp. Noon blue apples. The Discordian Pope throws out the first ball of the season over the fence into the Hesperides ofTir na Nog the island of Irish Facts. Turn down gents your jiggers ofJameson's. The Alchemy of Luddism for Diane di Prima St.

The really progressive position is reversion. 4. l nstaSonnet Finally after all those re-makes I grok HG Wells War of the Worlds and how Orson Welles scared the shit out of half of New Jersey with it-i . e . , it'd already happened. Huge clanking death machines were already colonizing New Jersey & driving the last few humans underground into roots of hollow trees (or is that some Ll other SciFi novel I ' m mixing it up with) . No wonder they found the whole idea completely plausible on the subconscious level where washing machines for example are as malevolent as they look.

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