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Verb following a verb in the Ger. f. ): X w a r . X I I I u g a n 'God' 'Ali 46; -U:/-@ or less often -gall:/-geli:, meaning xlv ditto Qlirb 195; MN 378: Klp. x111 Allah 'to be ahlc'. Even in this sense the word is (tegri:, and in a dialect (h&) which only a few people know) u&:n Horr. 3, 12; xrv u g a n rare after X I except in the Neg. f. T h e Pres. Alldh, Id. I 5 . Particip. /A. )', longer. T h e Inter history of the Neg. f. is discussed b y Rlal. , pp. 224-5. )'; often uscd in the I-lcnd. 6- s n k l n - ; common down Ger.

38. Altay, NE dialect, later called Oyrot, now Gornoaltay (Mountain Altay), para. 57. Aorist. Arabic. Ashmarin, para. 2. Atebetil'l-hakayk, para. 30. Auxiliary (verb). Azerbayjani, SW language, para. 62. B BS Bad. Bar. Bas. Bor. Brockelmann Bud. Bul. Code letter, para. 15. Burhan Sehidi, para. 58. BaaZ'i'u'l-luiat, para. 34 (I). Baraba, NE dialect, para. 57. Prof. N. A. Baskakov, para. 57. Prof. A. K. Borovkov, para. 60. pars. 64 (4). Buddhist ( U ~ g u r )para. , 21 (3) (c). , para. 50. N. 0. 0.

In k i i l i i ~'puddle'; also a Dev. Suff. -daq/-dug, etc. forms Conc. ) in o t u g , uldag, and perhaps izdeg. g. g. a z a r 'a few each'; very rare; also a Dev. and Conjugational Suff. -g/-~gl-ug,etc. function obscure; see odiig, bagrg, 2 b a : ~ kokig; , very rare; also a Dev. Suff. g. k a d a : ~'kinsman', yCrde:$ 'compatriot'; see Kaj. 1 4 0 6 . It has been plausibly suggested that this Suff. is a crasis of the Loc. Suff. -da:l-de: and Q:$ 'companion'. Rather rarc. -mlg\-mig only in a l t m i g , ybtrnig 'sixty, sel-cnty', a common Conjugational Suff.

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