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By Julie Lindquist

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Linguists became more and more attracted to studying how classification tradition is socially developed and maintained via spoken language. Julie Lindquist's exam of the linguistic ethnography of a working-class bar in Chicago is a vital and unique contribution to the sphere. She examines how average consumers argue approximately political matters for you to create a bunch id founded round political ideology. She additionally exhibits how their political arguments are literally a rhetorical style, one that creates a fragile stability among crew harmony and person identification, in addition to a tenuous and ambivalent experience of sophistication identification.

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The chapters should be read individually as a series of ethnographic tales and collectively as a contiguous assemblage of views and interpretations of Smokehouse culture, language, and life. ” As such, it is a narrative account of people and place told from my vantage point as bartender. I present such a tale here not only in an effort to orient the reader to the particularities of place and personae but to affirm the truth that narrative is in some ways best suited to render phenomenological densities, to show how a field of signification shot through with contradictions coheres as a cultural text.

She can be a mean one,” one man warned. “But she don’t mean nothin’ by it. ” After a few weeks, I knew all the waitresses and customers by name and was beginning to feel like a part of this small and (I had believed) impenetrable society. The closeness that had once struck me as claustrophobic and exclusive was, I now felt, the best thing about working at the Smokehouse. A day spent working behind the bar was a day spent participating in the ongoing drama of shared stories, lives, and histories.

Tom works as a telephone lineman and could probably use a little rest—and anyway, I know he offers because he feels obliged to be polite. The cellar of the Smokehouse is a room that proclaims its history, despite its clutter of present-day restaurant and bar paraphernalia. It feels as if something historic might have happened here a century ago; but I already know from Smokehouse lore that this cellar is where fugitive slaves once huddled en route to the free states. Layers of history seem to coat the damp walls down here; whenever I come down for a routine task, I am struck, and a little chilled, by the narrative richness of the place.

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