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By Malcolm M. Willcock

ISBN-10: 0226898555

ISBN-13: 9780226898551

Those people who are in a position to learn Homer in Greek have plentiful recourse to commentaries, however the overwhelming majority who learn the Iliad in translation haven't been so good served—the many to be had translations comprise few, if any, notes. For those readers, Malcolm M. Willcock presents a line-by-line remark that explains the various actual info, mythological allusions, and Homeric conventions scholar or basic reader couldn't be anticipated to carry to an preliminary come upon with the Iliad.

The notes, which constantly relate to specific traces within the textual content, have as their top target the straightforward, real rationalization of items the green reader will be not going to have at his or her command (What is a hecatomb? who's Atreus' son?). moment, they increase an appreciation of the Iliad via illuminating epic sort, Homer's equipment of composition, the constitution of the paintings, and the characterization of the key heroes. The "Homeric Question," about the foundation and authorship of the Iliad, is usually discussed.

Professor Willcock's remark is predicated on Richmond Lattimore's translation—regarded by way of many because the amazing translation of the current generation—but it can be used profitably with different types to boot. This essentially written remark, together with an exceptional pick out bibliography, will make one of many touchstones of Western literature obtainable to a much wider viewers.

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A single, sparkling bit of copper spun through the flakes of ash. The Inquisitor saw this, and smiled again, obviously anticipating Elend's Push. It assumed that its weight would transfer through the coin, then hit Elend's weight, since Elend would be Pushing as wel l. Two Allomancers of near-similar weight, shoving against each other. They would both be thrown back the Inquisitor to attack Vin, Elend into a pile of koloss . Except, the Inquisitor didn't anticipate Elend's Allomantic strength. How could it?

Something flashed in the air. Blue lines, moving quickly the Allomantic indication of nearby bits of metal. Vin barely had time to twist herself out of her attack as a handful of coins surprised the Inquisitor from behind, cutting into his body in a dozen different places . The creature screamed, spinning, throwing out drops of blood as Elend hit the ground atop the hill. His brilliant white uniform was soiled with ash and blood, but his face was clean, his eyes bright. He carried a dueling cane in one hand, the other rested against the earth, steadying him from his Steeljump.

Sazed settled back in his chair, holding up the paper and going over his notes one more time . He'd been focusing on this one religion for a good day now, and he wanted to make a decision about it. Even before the day's study, he'd known much about the Canzi faith, for he'd studied it along with all of the other pre-Ascension religions for most of his life. Those religions had been his passion, the focus of all of his research. And then the day had come where he'd realized that all of his learning had been meaningless.

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